Gin Tonic

Classic Gin Tonic is a drink based on spring water with quinine, made with juniper flavouring. Its characteristic feature is its bitter aftertaste, it is perfectly refreshing and thirst-quenching.

A classic without the alcohol. Try our gin and tonic, made with juniper berries. Be sure to chill the bottle before using.

For many of us, parties end in a headache. Do you fancy a party, but don't want to relive the next day's hangovers? Or are you driving but sad to sit for a fourth hour at yet another tea? Booze soft drinks such as: Whisky Cola, Aperitif Sparkling wine, Rum Cola, Gin Tonic will be a good solution for you.

Gin and tonic without alcohol

If you like gin and tonic, we have a not-to-be-missed proposition for you. This classic drink drunk by characters from James Bond films doesn't have to involve a lot of alcohol. Booze alcohol-free tonic is a 'drink' made from juniper berries, with a deep, refreshing taste. The non-alcoholic tonic comes in a duet with your favourite drink, the non-alcoholic gin.

What does non-alcoholic gin taste like?

Almost every gin is found in the wild with a tonic - no exception to this rule with us either. The non-alcoholic tonic is a flavourful base, while the non-alcoholic gin will enhance your drink with the taste of your favourite tipple. The gin and tonic has depth and the juniper berries give the drink a unique flavour. However, Booze's range is not only non-alcoholic gin, but also other refreshing drinks: or cola-flavoured soft drink. Each of them presents the taste of the best quality liquor without a trace of percentage.

You can sip non-alcoholic gin at a party without worrying that you won't be able to function normally the next dayYou can also drink it on the road while driving. Tonic without alcohol offers freedom of choice and a depth of flavour that rivals top-shelf alcoholic drinks.

How to make a drink without alcohol?

Soft drinks are an increasingly popular way to have a successful party. It's a great idea to integrate people who don't drink on a daily basis with classic party-goers. This is certainly the alternative many of you have been waiting for. When throwing a party where there will be abstainers, however, you may be asking yourself: how do I make a drink without alcohol? It is not as easy as you might think, and actual success depends very much on proportions and a good idea. You can make a drink without alcohol using any liquid, for example by mixing green tea with ginger syrup, but it is much better to stock up on professional non-alcoholic drinks such as non-alcoholic gin, cognac or rum and cola. At Booze, each bottle is embossed with the logo of the type of drink it presents. Booze soft drinks are best enjoyed chilled.