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Booze Rum/Cola is the perfect duo without any additives! Once a favourite drink of pirates and robbers, today it is loved by many. Be sure to try it, preferably chilled!

Rum Cola

Gin Tonic

Cognac Cola


Whisky Cola

Aperitif Spritz

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Without glucose syrup

No preservatives

Polish product


With the head

Enjoy what has always given you pleasure.

The unique recipe will allow you to fully enjoy the best of it. Are you training, are you a driver or maybe you are just in a business meeting?

Choose one of the flavours and enjoy what has always been a pleasure.

See how Booze 0.0% is made

Learn about the process of creating Booze 0.0% - a soft drink full of character and freshness. Every drop of Booze is full of energy and joy. See how we create drinks that can make every moment better.

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Why choose a Booze soft drink?
Booze, is a young brand offering unique, innovative products - soft drinks flavoured with classic drinks and cola. The range includes:

Booze gin-tonic,
rum and cola,
cognac and cola.

By choosing our product you support Polish tradebecause it is manufactured at 100% in Poland. A characteristic feature of our products is no preservatives, artificial colouring or glucose syrup. You can consume the soft drinks on their own or use them as a base for more complex drinks. It's worth mentioning that they not only taste good, but also look good - our bottles have embossed logos, making them look very luxurious and classy.